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Network Descriptions

Network Descriptions

Delta Dental Premier®

Our traditional fee-for-service program utilizing Kansas' largest dentist network with more than 93% of the practicing dentists in Kansas. Patients who sign up for Delta Dental Premier have the freedom of visiting any dentist they choose; however, if you use a Delta Dental Premier dentist, the program guarantees you will not pay more than the patient portion specified in your dental plan.

Delta Dental PPOSM

More than 950 dental offices participate with our PPO plan, which is over 58% of the dentists in Kansas. Nationwide, more than 234,000 dentist locations participate with a Delta Dental PPO plan. Dentists agree to a lower fee table, and depending upon plan designs, patients usually receive a higher level of benefits or lower out-of-pocket costs when choosing a
Delta Dental PPO dentist.

Delta Dental Patient Direct

Patients pay an annual membership fee to Delta Dental of Kansas in exchange for access to participating Patient Direct Network providers. Delta Dental Patient Direct is not insurance so the patient pays the dentist directly for dental services, according to the Schedule of Fees. No claims, no paperwork - a hassle-free program for Kansas dentists.

Please note: Delta Dental Member Companies and, with limited exception, Participating Dentists are independent contractors. Delta Dental Member Companies and Participating Dentists do NOT have a relationship of employer and employee nor of principal and agent. No such relationship other than that of independent parties contracting with each other solely for the purpose of Participating Dentists' provision of dental care to Delta Dental enrollees may be deemed to exist or be construed to exist between Delta Dental and Participating Dentists. A Participating Dentist is solely responsible for the dental care provided to any patient, and Delta Dental does not control the detail, manner or methods by which Participating Dentist provides care.