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Special Edition BrushUp March 2017:


SPECIAL EDITION: 2017 Seminars, Processing Policy Changes
& Free Online Dental Appointment Scheduling



Dental BrushUp Bulletin

 Delta Dental of Kansas' newsletter highlighting current topics for Participating Dentists and Staff


Register Now for 2017 Seminars!


Register now for 2017 seminars brought to you by Delta Dental of Kansas (DDKS). Visit to register for upcoming seminars, and to check for updates on additional 2017 seminars.   

  • March 31, 2017 - Cracking the Hygiene Code  |  Wichita, KS
  • April 14, 2017 - Cracking the Hygiene Code  |  Leawood, KS
  • August 12, 2017 - Trends, Innovations, Controversies and Clinical Tips  |  Topeka, KS




Immediate Denture


Please note that payment for immediate full or partial dentures cannot be provided unless extractions have been submitted or recorded in the patient's history dated on or before the denture seat date.


Two common causes for immediate denture claims to be denied are:

  1. the denture claim submission has the impression date rather than the seat date for the date of service.
  2. the extractions were provided by an oral surgeon/different provider, and the claim for the dentures arrived to the DDKS office prior to the claim for extractions.

Avoid claim denial by indicating the date the denture is seated in the patient's mouth as the procedure date on the claim form when submitting claims for payment of immediate full or partial dentures.


Claims for immediate dentures received prior to receipt of the claim for the extractions will be denied using the following reference code:


511 - Seat date of appliance must be on or after the extraction(s) date for benefits to be provided.


This is a processing change, not a change in policy. The policy maintains that "Multistage procedures are reported and benefitted upon completion. The completion date is the date of insertion for removable prosthetics." 


Helpful guidelines for submitting claims can be found in section 1 page 4 of the Participating Dentist Handbook. You can access the handbook online by logging in to the Dental Office Services portal.



Reduction in Request for Information


Tired of receiving those pesky Request for Information letters?


To increase efficiencies, effective April 1, 2017 DDKS will change our process for handling claims that are missing specific required information.


New Process for missing information:

  • The entire claim will process.
  • Only procedure code(s), not the entire claim, with missing required information will deny with a customized reference code. We will no longer send a separate letter requesting additional information.
  • The new reference codes included on the payment explanation will provide the details of needed information or documentation. Examples include:
    • narrative/report
    • tooth/surface/quadrant/arch
    • pre-operative X-rays
    • missing tooth chart
    • periodontal chart with recession marked
  • Your office will need to submit a new claim listing only the affected procedure(s) within six months of the date of service including the requested documentation and any appropriate corrections. Please do not resubmit other paid procedures originally listed on the claim because doing so will cause claim delays and denials of duplicate procedures.

As a reminder, a copy of the DDKS attachment requirements is located in the Provider Toolkit through the Dental Office Services portal.


If you have any questions on these policy changes, please contact your Professional Relations Representative.


Brighter ScheduleTM - a simple, online appointment scheduler for your patients

Activate this free value-added service today!


Delta Dental is pleased to announce that we are partnering with Brighter to make it easier for our participating dentists to attract Delta Dental patients to their practice and maximize growth. Brighter is a cutting-edge consumer technology company that specializes in working with dental carriers to connect their members with participating providers.


Through our partnership with Brighter, we offer you two free services:

  1. Brighter VerificationTM - quickly verify that your Delta Dental directory listing is accurate to remain compliant with state regulations and ensure that Delta Dental members can easily obtain your correct address, phone number and other important practice details.
  2. Brighter ScheduleTM - An easy-to-use service that works with your practice management system so Delta Dental members can easily make appointments online using the mobile app (starting this month) or Delta Dental website (starting in July). Your office sets the open appointment times, the member sends you a request for an open time from Delta Dental's online or mobile provider directories and your office confirms these appointments. To learn more, watch an informational video by visiting the this webpage and click the "Learn more" button.

      With Brighter Schedule, you will enjoy:

      • Two times greater likelihood of being selected by new patients (based on research by Accenture)
      • Reduced marketing and administrative expenses
      • Decreased no-shows and last minute cancellations

      Activating these free services takes less than 5 minutes. Visit or call 888.328.5414 to speak with a Brighter Provider Success Specialist.


      Delta Dental is launching the schedule feature to your patients later this month. To ensure that your Delta Dental directory listing is highlighted for online scheduling, please activate your free services through brighter at your earliest opportunity.


      Click here to activate Online Scheduling for Delta Dental patients.







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