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Smile Kit Program

Smile Kits are provided for Kansas-based programs/projects that include an oral health education or outreach component. Smile Kits may be requested once per year (calendar year) by eligible organizations for projects that support Delta Dental's criteria.

A Smile Kit includes:

  • One toothbrush - ages 8+ or ages 4-7
  • One travel-sized toothpaste
  • One floss
  • One bag to hold contents


  • To be eligible for consideration, an organization must meet one of the following:

    - Public charity with tax-exempt status under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code
    - Public or governmental entity such as a school or health department
    - Tribal organization with 7871 tax-exempt status
    - Churches may apply if they're conducting a program or project that includes oral
    health education and/or outreach
  • Smile Kits are not provided for:

    - Dental offices
    - Day cares
    - Grab bags or prize packs not part of oral health education/outreach programs
    - Distribution for promotional or marketing of your organization or on behalf of another organization
    - For-profit entities (exceptions are made when requests are made on behalf of an event serving the community in which it is participating)
    - Third-party requests, i.e., non-profit organizations requesting donations on behalf of or for another non-profit service organization or school
    - Requests that do not contain an oral health education and/or outreach component
  • Organizations applying for Smile Kits must have a physical presence in the state of Kansas and the project for which kits are requested must benefit people living in Kansas.
  • If you are a current group requesting Smile Kits, please contact our Sales and Marketing team.


  • Organizations within Sedgwick County are required to pick up their donation from a local distribution point.
  • Shipping is available to organizations outside Sedgwick County. However, organizations in surrounding communities are encouraged to pick up their donation.
  • Requests must be submitted a minimum of four weeks before kits are needed.

Donations are granted based on availability at the time of request, at the sole discretion of Delta Dental of Kansas.

Smile Kit awardees will be notified via email if the request was approved. If approved, kits will be provided to recipients who must post photos about the project to social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), tagging Delta Dental of Kansas using #DDKSSmileKits

By applying for Smile Kits, tagging Delta Dental of Kansas on social media outlets and/or using the hashtag “#DDKSSmileKits,” you grant Delta Dental of Kansas permission to use any related photos for internal and external advertising and/or promotion of the Smile Kit program.

To Request Smile Kits: Choose the applicable link below.


(Smile Kit Application for organizations within Sedgwick County)

Click Here!

 Non-Local Requests

(Smile Kit Application for organizations outside Sedgwick County)

Click Here!

 Teacher Requests

(Smile Kit Application for
all Kansas Teachers)

Click Here!

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