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Dental is Different

Dental benefits are all about stopping problems before they begin. For example, they encourage patients to routinely bring their children to the dentist for exams, cleanings, fluoride treatments and dental sealants.  Medical insurance focuses less on prevention and puts more resources toward covering the costly consequences of injury and illness after they occur. This increases the overall cost of medical coverage.

  • Focuses on prevention
  • Focuses on treatment
  • Low-risk of catastrophic claims
  • High-risk of catastrophic claims
  • Relative rate stabillity
  • Frequent and substantial rate increases
  • Experience building dental network one dentist at a time
  • Experience building medical network through group practices
  • Manage own network of dentists
  • Often rent network of dentists
  • On-staff dental experts review claims
  • Lack of dental specialization
  • Focused and invested in this specialized line of coverage
  • Focused on medical with minimal investment in dental coverage